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   Culture Media
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Culture Media

Bio Basic Inc. has become synonymous with top-quality culture medium including agar, animal/plant peptones, yeast extract, and other growth products used in microbiology and fermentation.

Bio Basic Inc. also provides a wide array of Broth from LB, TY, SOC, HYLB, A Medium, H Medium to NZYM Broth and much more.

Bio Basic Inc. draws on its strong technical and manufacturing expertise to supply consistently high quality raw materials to both North American and International researchers.

We have over 100 mediums to choose from, and as a direct manufacturer we are able to offer prices that are much lower than our competitors.



Nutrient media

  • Carbon sources
  • Water
  • Various salts
  • Source of amino acids and nitrogen

Minimal media

  • Carbon source
  • Sugars
  • Mineral elements
  • Water

Selective media

  • Antibiotics
  • Amino acids

Differential media

  • Indicators

Transport media

  • Buffer
  • Salt


We are a trusted primary supplier for many universities, colleges, laboratories, research institutes, and hospitals. Email order@biobasic.com for inquires and also for a quote.