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   DNA, RNA, Protein Markers & Cloning Vectors
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DNA, RNA, Protein Markers & Cloning Vectors

Bio Basic Inc. has a line of DNA, RNA and protein markers to serve an increasingly sophisticated market. Bio Basic Inc. offers the flexibility to meet your needs, including short-range and long-range markers ranging from less than 20 base pairs up to 10,000+ base pairs. Bio Basic Inc’s markers also have highly competitive pricing, and we are happy to offer bulk pricing when requested!

In addition to DNA, RNA and protein markers, Bio Basic Inc offers complete series of vector DNA from pUC57, pUC18, pCU19, pBR322 to Lamda phage DNA in ug, mg and/or grams quantity.

Bio Basic Inc. strives for excellence. Our laboratories verify that all markers and products shipped are ready-to-use and stand up to our name.

Please email order@biobasic.com for any questions or requests.