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Every science laboratory, educational laboratory, and research faculty relies upon labware ranging from PCR tubes, plastic bottles, storage beakers and even brushes. Bio Basic Inc. offers a wide range of labware including tubes, tips, containers, bottles, transport and storage, as well as a complete range of cryogenic tubes, and storage boxes. Our versatile selection gives you the ability to perform any experiment you need to do.

All are items are stored properly and are packaged accordingly to ensure they come to you as they are meant to be: perfect. Bio Basic Inc. is proud to be the DIRECT manufacturer for Bio Basic Inc.'s labware. Almost all plasticware is manufactured within Bio Basic Inc's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Bio Basic Inc. labware has been widely distributed among universities, hospitals, industrial and research laboratories.

Some of our most popular items include racks, test tubes, weighing paper, spatulas, scoops, labels, buckets, trays, gloves and other laboratory essentials.

All are products are Quality Control tested before we ship them out. Feel free to send an email to order@biobasic.com and we will jump immediately on your order and get your labware to you.