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   Molecular Biology Kits
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Molecular Biology Kits

Bio Basic Inc. supplies a wide range of molecular biology kits. Our most popular kits include Plasmid Miniprep kits, Gel Extraction kits and PCR Product purification kits. Bio Basic Inc is also proud to offer a line of Genomic DNA isolation kits and RNA isolation kits. Furthermore, for researchers with more specialized needs we also offer specialized kits, some of which include: Rapid Animal Total RNA Extraction Kit, Rapid Plant Genomic DNA extraction Kit, Tiny Sample DNA/RNA Recovery Kit, Clean-up Mini Kit and even a 5 Minute Spin Column Plasmid-Mini Preps Kit.

We take great care in ensuring our kits are of high quality. We are confident that their exceptional quality and low price will allow you to get the most out of your research dollar, whether you are a research lab, university classroom, and or other institute. Check out our quick reference guide below to see an overview of our most popular kits!



Kits Key Features Include

  1. Direct Manufacturer
    Bio Basic Inc. manufactures every component of the molecular biology kits within our own facility
  2. Wide Range of Products
    Bio Basic Inc. provides mini-preps, midi-preps, maxi-preps and all 96-well format plate kits
  3. Strict Quality Control
    Each lot of kit is strictly examined for quality assurance before reaching customers
  4. Low Prices
    Please inquire about the bulk prices

Want to try a sample? Please email order@biobasic.com for your request and any questions that you may have.