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   Recombinant Proteins and Protein-Related Products
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Recombinant Proteins and Protein-Related Products

When dealing with recombinant proteins, small variations in product quality and efficiency can have huge impacts on your experimental outcome. For this reason, Bio Basic focuses on strict QC to ensure high product quality and low lot-to-lot variation for all of our recombinant proteins and protein-related products. Whether you need an inhibitor cocktail, a protein solubilizer, western blot stain, interleukin, cytokine, or any other protein, we are confident our products will meet your needs.

Proteins and other temperature-sensitive items are stored under optimal conditions, and shipped appropriately using Bio Basic cold packs (or dry ice if necessary). Furthermore, we work immediately on your order and keep you up to date with any changes in order status.

In addition to our extensive recombinant protein library, our catalogue also includes resins, protein extraction kits, and staining and blotting supplies. We're confident that we have the products you need at at great values.

Looking for a particular protein but don't see it in our catalogue? E-mail protein@biobasic.com and our experienced protein team can give you a quote for a custom lot.

Need a bulk quote? We're keenly aware that your research or manufacturing needs may cause you to need large quantities of the same protein. If this is the case just e-mail protein@biobasic.com and we'd be happy to provide you with special bulk pricing. Our large manufacturing facilities enable us to produce large scales (from milligrams to grams).

Feel free to email order@biobasic.com to make an order, or order directly from our website and our customer service representatives will be ready to assist you.