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   DNA Sequencing

The Highest Standard in DNA Sequencing Services

Bio Basic DNA Sequencing Services

  • Large-scale DNA sequencing (>100 samples)
  • Small-scale DNA sequencing (<100 samples)
  • Plasmid DNA preps from glycerol stocks in advance of sequencing
  • PCR Products Sequencing

Bio Basic Advantages

  • Repeat Sequencing – Other service providers will usually only provide a single run.
  • Courtesy Gel Analysis – Our team will perform a courtesy gel analysis.
  • Positive controls – Included to ensure proper sequencing chemistry and procedures are carried out.
  • No strict guidelines for sample layoutWe accept samples in many formats and arrangements. We will not refuse an order due to orientation and will gladly work with you to sort things out. Of course we would appreciate it if you would arrange your samples in a certain order (column by column or row by row).
  • No penalties  We understand that not everything works out, samples may be compromised during transit. We do not charge for reactions we do not perform.
  • Very competitive pricing.
  • Free shipping for more than 100 reactions.
  • Samples are accepted as bacterial colonies, glycerol stocks, pelleted cultures and crude PCR products.

Key Features

  • Multiple of 3730XL sequencers stand by
  • Sequence up to 800bp per reaction, more than 90% successful rate
  • Special prices on large projects and contracts
  • 24hr to 48 hour turnaround
  • Incoming sample QC
  • Fluorescent dye-terminator sequencing
  • >650bp Q20 read lengths typical
  • Universal primers provided at no additional charge (complete list)
  • Template preparation and primer synthesis available  

Sequencing Reports

  1. Sequencing report format
    (1) Original ABI format of ~700bp sequencing chromatogram
    (2) Summary of Report
    (3) All results are sent electronically
  2. View results
    (1) Download Chromas from www.biobasic.com
    (2) Double click Chromas and open ABI file from Chromas
    (3) Export text file from Chromas
    (4) Sequences between 60bp to 500bp are most reliable region. To obtain reliable reads, it is highly recommended to perform double stranded sequencing using reverse primers as a good laboratory practice.
  3. No report
    (1) Samples fail to pass incoming QC
    (2) Sample with no readable signal
  4. Charges on sequences with structures
    Standard charge applies even if sequences are not “clear” due to known structures including Poly N?GC?inverted repeats direct repeats etc.
  5. Charges on mixed peaks
    Most “mixed” peaks are results from “mixed” templates (see below Q&A). Standard charge applies.
  6. Sample Storage
    All samples are kept at Bio Basic Inc. for 1 month. During this period, customer may request additional  sequencing service. After 1 month,  the samples are automatically destroyed without further notification.

More Information

How To Order

  1. Download and email our order form:
    You may download Excel Sequencing Order Sheet and email to sequencing@biobasic.com and copy orders to order@biobasic.com
  2. We offer easy payment options via purchase order number and/or credit card.
  3. Send the samples
    Phone 905-474-4493
    Fax 905-474-5794
    Email Sequencing@biobasic.com
    Mail 20 Konrad Crescent
    Markham, Ontario, L3R 8T4
    Samples Free Pick Up if >100 Samples (Canada/USA only)
  4. Electronic Results sent after 24 hours to 48 hours