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   Gene Synthesis

Professional Manufacturer of Genes

ISO9001:2000 Quality Assured

With highly experienced scientists in the Gene Synthesis department, Bio Basic is a professional in the field of gene synthesis. For the past years, Bio Basic as a silent OEM provider, has synthesized genes to clients worldwide. Bio Basic is delighted to offer this high quality gene synthesis service DIRECTLY under its own name. Benefiting from our own Oligo house and DNA sequencing facilities, Bio Basic offers gene synthesis at affordable rates. So far, we have satisfied and impressed our clients from leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to highly accredited academic institutions.

For a downloadable PDF overview of our Gene Synthesis Service, please click here.

Contact the Gene Department:

For questions, concerns or inquiries on gene sequences and pricing, please contact us at: gene@biobasic.com

Competitive Prices and Fast Turnaround

NEW Pricing

As some of your budgets have been cut down, we have taken this in consideration and would like to offer you our Bio Basic guarentee which is to beat any of our competitors' pricing on Gene Synthesis by 10%

For a limited time only, everyone is currently eligible for a promotional price of USD $0.23* per bp.
Genes found in our human genepool database are available for USD $0.23 per bp.
Genes are fully cloned and 100% sequence verified.

Size of Gene Turnaround Time (business days) Price (USD) PROMOTIONAL Price 
0 – 435bp 5-6 days* $150 $100 - NEW*
436bp-1kb 6-8 days* $0.28 /bp $0.23 /bp - NEW*
1kb - 2kb 10 to 15 days* $0.28 /bp $0.23 /bp - NEW*
2kb - 3kb Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire
>3 kb Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire
>50,000bp Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire

*$0.23 USD per base pair for all standard sequences. Limited time offer only. Promotions valid in Canada and USA only.  Standard sequences <2kb. Non-standard sequences extra. Sequences with repeats, high or low GC contents, please inquire about pricing and turnaround. Turnarounds are estimates.

NEW: Find out how to qualify for $49 USD Custom Subcloning. NO SET UP FEES!

Custom Subcloning
0 - 435bp $49 USD*
436bp - 500bp $49 USD*
500 - 1kb $49 USD*
1kb - 2kb $49 USD*

We provide subcloning in any vector of your choice; if your vector is unavailable at our facilities, we ask that 4-5ug of the desired vector be sent to Bio Basic Inc. For more details, please email gene@biobasic.com

*Price valid for orders exceeding $1000 USD for Canada and the United States only.

BULK Orders: - NEW

Bulk Orders now available. You asked - We delivered!

$0.20/bp when ordering 24 genes or more.

All genes are 100% sequence verified and cloned in a vector.

Catalogue NumberGene LengthTurnaround Time (business days)Price
EZ-G0714 Gene Synthesis ≤1.5 kb 19 days Minimum charge $98.99 per construct or $0.20/bp
  1.5kb to 3kb 20 days $0.20 /bp
  3kb to 4.5kb 25-35 days $0.23 /bp
  4.5kb to 6kb 35 days $0.24 /bp
  6kb to 10kb 45 days $0.26/bp
EZ-G0715 Subcloning N/A 5 days FREE with purchase of bulk genes

For more information on bulk pricing, please inquire at: gene@biobasic.com

Free Vectors - Subcloning

Genes are cloned into our standard pUC57-Amp (Ampicillin treated) or pUC57-kan (Kanamycin treated) vectors free of charge. Should you require to clone the gene into a vector other then pUC57 or pBluescript  (refer to table below), there is an additional fee of USD $90. 

Free Vectors
pUC57-Amp Vector
pUC-SP Vector (NEW)
pUC57-Kan Vector (NEW)
pBluescript II SK+ Vector

Free Optimization.


You will receive 2-4ug of lyophilized DNA containing synthetic gene of interest, sequence chromatogram trace files, gene report, QC restriction digestion files, an alignment file as well as vector information. If you wish to receive up to 10ug of plasmid DNA, we are pleased to provide it to you at no extra cost. However, an additional three days in turn around time would be required.

Further discounts on large projects and long term contracts are also available. Discount rates are based on total number of base pairs of your gene order.

Shipping is $35.00 per shipment (allowed to combine multiple shipments into one delivery and you will be charged $35.00 only).

Single stranded sequencing only. Free double-stranded sequencing service is available upon request.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Four Guarantee Commitment

Bio Basic Inc. is approved for ISO9001:2000. Bio Basic Inc. offers a 100% Correct DNA Sequencing Guarantee. Each gene is confirmed base-by-base by sequence and is guaranteed to match 100% with your requested sequences.

  • Quick Turnaround Guarantee
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Absolute Confidentiality Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee: We'll match any competitor's advertised price for identical products or services offered in the Bio Basic Canada Inc. catalogues and on www.biobasic.com within 30 days.

We reserve the right to verify that the competitor is an authorized company located in Canada or the United States of America, that the advertisement is correct, and that the product or services are identical (same brand, manufacturer and model name/number), and is in-stock at the competitor's local company. The competitor's offer must be in effect at the time of the Price Match request and the advertisement must pertain to the same geographic area.

This program may be amended or discontinued at any time without notice.

To request a Price Match: Price Match requests must be made at time of ordering; within 30 days of receiving competitor’s quote, competitor's quote must be faxed or emailed showing a lower price for the identical national-brand item.

If your request qualifies, you will be honoured the difference in price.

As of Oct 8, 2009, we no longer provide internal primers.

Bio Basic Inc. will sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement upon request. Bio Basic Inc. is solely a service provider for gene synthesis. After three months, copies of your synthetic gene will be terminated without further notice.

More Information

How to Order

Within 24 hours, you will receive a reply from one of our highly experienced customer representatives. Customer will receive 4ug of lyophilized DNA containing synthetic gene of interest, sequence chromatogram tracefiles, gene report, QC restriction digestion files, alignment file as well as vector information. If you wish to have up to 10ug of plasmid DNA, we are pleased to provide it to you at no extra cost. However, additional three days are required.