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   Bio Basic's Benchtop Equipment

Below is an overview of Benchtop Equipment available at Bio Basic

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Thermal Cyclers | Centrifuges | Water Baths and Dry Baths | Homogenizers | Stirrers, Vortexers, Rockers, and Mixing Equipment | Autoclave, Sterilizer and Incubator | Balances | Aspirator

Thermal Cyclers
Multiformat block has a capacity of 96 x 0.2ml tubes, 39 x 0.5ml tubes, or 1 microplate. For more information about any item, please visit its specific product page.

BCM1800TC 9639 Thermal Cycler with multiformat block with US Plug$4,719.75
BCM1801TC 9639 Thermal Cycler with 384 well block with US Plug$5,244.75
BCM1834Microtube and PCR Plate Cooler$107.00

Mini centrifuges are small enough to easily fit at an individual's lab bench. Mini centrifuges (excluding "12 Mini" centrifuges) include 0.5ml tube adapters and a 0.2ml PCR strip rotor in addition to a standard rotor. For more information about any item, please visit its specific product page.

BCM1701Mini Centrifuge, blue lid, with 2 rotors, 100-240V (US plug)$259.50
BCM1702Mini Centrifuge, clear lid, with 2 rotors, 100-240V (US plug)$259.50
BCM1703Mini Centrifuge, green lid, with 2 rotors, 100-240V (US plug)$259.50
BCM1704Mini Centrifuge, purple lid, with 2 rotors, 100-240V (US plug)$259.50
BCM1705Mini Centrifuge, red lid, with 2 rotors, 100-240V (US plug)$259.50
BCM1706Optional rotor, 2 x PCR strips (8 position)$35.00
BCM1707Red mini-centrifuge with 2 rotors$269.00
BCM1708Blue mini-centrifuge with 2 rotors$269.00
BCM170912 Mini Centrifuge, holds 12 position PCR strips, 115V$429.00
BCM1710Round Rotor, 8 position$42.00
BCM1711Adapter for minicentrifuge, 0.5ml pack of 8$24.00
BCM174612 Mini Centrifuge 100-240V (US plug)$349.00
BCM1747Adapters for 0.5ml tubes, package of 6$19.00
BCM1748Adapters for 0.2ml tubes, package of 6$19.00
BCM1749MicroPlate MicroCentrifuge with rotor and plate carriers, 115V$649.00
BCM1750Tube Adapter, hold 96 x 0.2ml or 8 and 12 position PCR strips, 2/pk.$49.00
BCM1923High Speed Centrifuge 15,500rpm/ 16,100Xg$1149.00

Water Baths and Dry Baths
BCM1409 and BCM1410 include microtube blocks. One side of the block accepts 0.5ml to 2.0ml tubes, the other accepts PCR strips. For more information about any item, please visit its specific product page.

BCM14002L Digital Water Bath, 115V$545.00
BCM14014L Digital Water Bath, 115V$795.00
BCM14028L Digital Water Bath, 115V$839.00
BCM140312L Digital Water Bath, 115V$995.00
BCM1404SB-12L Shaking Water Bath, 115V$2,495.00
BCM1405Mini Dry Bath, 100-240V (US Plug)$209.95
BCM1406HL Mini Dry Bath with Heated Lid, 100-240V (US Plug)$329.00
BCM1407Digital dry bath, single chamber, without blocks, 115V$389.00
BCM1408Digital dry bath, dual chamber, without blocks, 115V$489.00
BCM1409Digital dry bath with 1 Quick-Flip blocks (BSWCMB) for tubes (0.2 to 2.0ml, PCR strips and PCR plates, 115V$495.00
BCM1410Digital dry bath with 2 Quick-Flip blocks (BSWCMB) for tubes (0.2 to 2.0ml, PCR strips and PCR plates, 115V$695.00
BCM1411Digital dry bath, with two independently controlled chambers, without blocks, 115V$649.00
BCM1412One-Block Digital Dry Bath 115V$389.00
BCM1413Two-Block Digital Dry Bath 115V$489.00
BCM1414Four-Block Digital Dry Bath 115V$799.00

Hand-held homogenizer requires generator head be inserted directly into sample tube. Microtube homogenizers require sample be added to bead-filled tubes. For more information about any item, please visit its specific product page.

BCM1234D1000 Homogenizer, includes 5mm and 7mm generators (ideal for microtubes), 115V$949.00
BCM1235Optional generator, 10mm x 115mm saw tooth, for 15ml & 50ml tubes$295.00
BCM1236Optional generator 14mm x 130mm saw tooth, for 50ml tubes up to 250ml vessels$885.00
BCM1237Stand for D1000$395.00
BCM1200Microtube homogenizer, high throughput, 115V$8,079.75
BCM1201Microtube homogenizer, 115V$695.00
BCM1202Triple-Pure Starter Kit, 10 each of 0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 3.0mm (US Plug)$139.00
BCM1203Prefilled 5.0ml tubes, Stainless Steel beads, 2.8mm Acid Washed, 50pk$189.00

Stirrers, Vortexers, Rockers and Mixing Equipment
Various equipment for mixing samples. Some items are optional add-ons for a specific vortexer, shaker, rocker, or other instrument. For more information about any item, please visit its specific product page.

BCM1440Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, 115V$339.00
BCM1600Miniature vortexmixer with blue cup head, 100 to 240V with US Plug$189.00
BCM1601Mixer Vortexer 115V$229.00
BCM1602Vortexer Flat head$22.00
BCM1603COMBO™ head$44.00
BCM1604Horizontal head, for 12 x 1.5ml$82.80
BCM1605Horizontal head, for 4 x 15ml$82.80
BCM1606Horizontal head, for 2 x 50ml$82.80
BCM1607Vortexer 115V$249.00
BCM1608TubeRoller with 5 rollers, 115V$725.00
BCM1609TubeRoller with 10 rollers, 115V$1,035.00
BCM1610Compact Rocker with grooved mat for tubes, 115V$309.00
BCM1613Platform Rocker, fixed speed, 12"x12" with flat mat, 115V$429.00
BCM16142D Rocker, variable speed, 14"x12" platform with flat mat, 115V$749.00
BCM1615Mixer 3D Nutating Shaker, fixed speed 10"x7.5" platform, dimpled mat, 115V$369.00
BCM1616Mixer 3D Nutating Shaker, fixed speed, 12"x12" platform, dimpled mat, 115V$409.00
BCM1617Rocker 3D Nutating Shaker, variable speed, 12"x12" platform with 2 mats, 115V$749.00
BCM1618Mini Blot 3D Rocker, fixed speed, small 10"x7.5" platform with flat mat, 115V$369.00
BCM1619Blot 3D Rocker, fixed speed, 12"x12" platform with flat mat, 115V$409.00
BCM1620Shaker MP with 4 position micro plate platform, 100-240V (US Plug)$839.00
BCM1621Blotter with non slip rubber mat platform(14x12"), 115V$779.00
BCM1622Shaker JR with rubber mat platform (9.5"x8"), 100-240V (US Plug)$845.00
BCM1625Shaker CO2 with remote controller and rubber mat platform (13"x12"), 115V$2,995.00
BCM1626Incubator Shaker Mini with non-slip rubber mat, 115V$2,650.00
BCM1627Shaker 10L with non-slip rubber mat, 115V$5,179.00
BCM1628Shaker 10LR with non-slip rubber mat, Refrigerated Shaking Incubator, 115V$7,695.00
BCM1629Shaker XL orbital shaker with flat mat platform, 115V$2,495.00
BCM1630Mixer Heated Plate Vortexer 115-240V (US Plug)$1,349.00
BCM1631Mixer Heated Plate Vortexer, 115V$1,995.00
BCM1632Shaker with heating and cooling, 115V$2,395.00
BCM1633Shaker with heating only, 115V$1,795.00
BCM1633-MPBlock for one microplate$349.00
BCM1643Rocker with flat mat, 115V$895.00
BCM1644Stacking platform with flat mat with 3.5" clearance$114.00
BCM16454 cord bungee cord pack 7" to 18" working size$21.95
BCM1624Shaker with rubber mat platform (13"x12") 115V$1,398.00

Autoclave, Sterilizer and Incubator
Optional autoclave printer records sterilization parameters.
For more information about any item, please visit its specific product page.

BCM154116 Research Autoclave, 16 liter,115V$4,595.00
BCM1542Autoclave Printer, 115V$259.00
BCM1543Infrared MicroSterilizer, 115V$309.00
BCM1415Mini Digital Incubator, with heating and cooling 115V$659.00

BCM1339 and BCM1441 feature internal calibration. Precision balances feature a higher degree of readability and precision than compact balances. For more information about any item, please visit its specific product page.

BCM1338Analytical Balance, 120 grams, 115V$1,445.00
BCM1339Analytical Balance, 120 grams, 115V$1,545.00
BCM1340Analytical Balance, 210 grams, 115V$1,695.00
BCM1341Analytical Balance, 210 grams, 115V$1,795.00
BCM1306Precision Balance, 120 grams, 115V$795.00
BCM1307Precision Balance, 320 grams, 115V$845.00
BCM1308Precision Balance, 500 grams, 115V$995.00
BCM1309Precision Balance, 1200 grams, 115V$795.00
BCM1310Precision Balance, 3200 grams, 115V$845.00
BCM1311Precision Balance, 5000 grams, 115V$1,195.00
BCM1300Compact Balance, 120 grams, 115V$229.00
BCM1301Compact Balance, 300 grams, 115V$269.00
BCM1302Compact Balance, 500 grams, 115V$265.00
BCM1303Compact Balance, 1200 grams, 115V$295.00
BCM1304Compact Balance, 5000 grams, 115V$295.00
BCM1305Compact Balance, 10000 grams, 115V$395.00

Aspirator & Related Equipment
A vacuum aspirator with an optional handheld vacuum control unit. The controller includes two single-channel adapters but also accepts Pasteur pipettes and serological pipettes. For more information about any item, please visit its specific product page. Please note that BCM1544 includes the following products, in addition to the main aspirator unit: BCM1548, BCM1549, and BCM1551.

BCM1544Laboratory Aspirator, includes base with internal vacuum pump, 2L Polycarbonate bottle with lid, silicone tubing, handheld vacuum controller and single channel adapters, 115V$795.00
BCM1545Optional single channel adapter, extra long (80mm) stainless steel$28.00
BCM1546Optional eight channel adapter, for use with 200ul pipette tips$185.00
BCM1547Optional eight channel adapter, fine tip stainless steel$110.00
BCM1548Handheld vacuum controller with single channel adapters$230.00
BCM1549Hydrophobic filter, pk/5 (1 each included)$25.00
BCM1550Option quick disconnect kit, includes 2 male/female attachments & silicone tubing$115.00
BCM1551Graduated, PC collection bottle (included)$125.00
BCM1552Extra tubing set, 1 meter$24.00