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   Peptide Synthesis


Our Peptide Synthesis

Bio Basic Inc. provides a wide array of peptide services, including high quality custom peptides, hundreds of modifications, and peptide library services. With dedicated project managers, our service employs synthesis protocols, QA/QC procedures, and instrumentations to assure your peptides are synthesized and delivered in as little as two weeks.

Key Features

Key Features
10+ years of experience in peptide synthesis, >95% success rate
GMP grade peptides are available
Peptide Length:
From small peptides to long peptides ( >100 amino acids)
Flexible purity, from crude up to 98%
Modifications available:
Modified amino acids, labels, N- and C-terminal conjugation, and more
From milligrams to kilograms
Quality Control:
All custom peptides are supplied with strict analytical specifications, which include HPLC and MS analysis
Turnaround time:
2-3 weeks for standard peptide synthesis
Locally Available:
Worldwide sales network. Bio Basic Inc. has distributors worldwide. Click here for a list of distributors in your area
Technical Support:
Dedicated project managers assist with all questions, including solubility, and purity requirements, and technical suggestions

Why Choose Bio Basic for your peptide synthesis project?

Bio Basic Inc
Leading Competitor
Economical Prices for Crude synthesis
From $3.13/aa
Lowest price on the market!
Economical Prices for high purity Synthesis
From $16.32/aa
Lowest price on the market!
Free solubility testing and aliquoting
Guaranteed TFA Removal Service
Other QC Tests Available
Amino Acid Analysis (AAA), N elemental Analysis, Water content (Karl Fischer), Acetate Content (HIPC), Maldi-Tof MS
Money back guarantee if project fails!
Set-up fees required.
Progress Reports
Sent on a weekly basis
Report sent at end of project.


Key Services Available

Standard Peptide Synthesis
Click Here for more information and pricing details
Cosmetic Peptide Synthesis
Click here for available cosmetic peptides. Please email peptide@biobasic.com for inquiries and quotes.
Peptide Pools and Peptide Libraries
Click here to view available libraries. Please email peptide@biobasic.com for inquiries and quotes.
Premade Peptides
Please email and inquire at peptide@biobasic.com


Sample Pricing:

We strive to have the lowest peptide synthesis price on the market. The below pricing lists some of our standard peptide synthesis fees, but please inquire about bulk discounts for large orders. Please also see our complete pricelist for full price details including different scales and modifications.

Price per amino acid for Peptide of 1-30 amino acids
Scale Crude Desalt >70% >75% >80% >85% >90% >95% >98%
 1-4 mg $3.13 $4.13 $5.55 $6.96 $8.16 $9.25 $10.12 $10.88 $16.32
 5-9 mg $3.81 $4.90 $6.53 $8.16 $9.47 $10.88 $11.86 $12.84 $19.26
 10-14 mg $4.46 $5.66 $7.62 $9.57 $11.20 $12.84 $14.03 $15.01 $22.63



Most standard custom peptides can be delivered within 2-3 weeks.  The delivery time may vary depending on the peptide length and nature of the sequences, as well as modifications.

All information is treated with strict confidentiality. If required, we are pleased to sign a client confidentiality agreement before receiving your compound structure.

Please sign and send this CDA to peptide@biobasic.com

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