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   UBI Life Science Ltd.

You can now buy the UBI product line directly from Bio Basic. On average you save 50% when buying UBI products from Bio Basic.


Please use the table below to assist you in determining the corresponding catalogue numbers of some of UBI’s most popular items. If you need assistance in locating a UBI product, just send us an e-mail at order@biobasic.com  and we will be happy to help.

Product NameUBI catalog #Bio Basic catalog # UBI PriceBio Basic Price You Save 
100bp DNA Ladder, Ready To Use DL100-01 M107R-1 $80 $48 40%
1kb DNA Ladder, Ready To Use DL1KB-01 M101R-1 $65 $48 26%
dNTP solutions set DNTP-01 DD0057 $99 $34 65%
Fast Ligation Kit FLK-01 BS512 $218 $95 56%
Cloned Pfu DNA Polymerase RT-004 B0093(D0090P) $197 $120 39%
RNAse solution YRN15 RB0473 $137 $45 67%

Orders can be placed though our web store at store.biobasic.com, or by contacting our Customer Service Department by phone at 1-800-313-7224, by fax at (905)474-5794, or by email at order@biobasic.com.